Lead the Field

I like reading Earl Nightengale’s Lead the Field. He is explaining what it means to be a successful person, to be a leader, to live the best you can. He says “the higher up you get on the pyramid, the better the view, the fresher the air, the less crowded it becomes, and the more those associated with us benefit as well.” If anything, you may as well just become successful for your own self.

It is “our ability to use our language which controls our ability to get high on the social pyramid.” This is why we should work with our language that we speak, so that we can learn. Our use of the language is one thing we will not hide. For example, I saw a plumbing company that had plumbers that I assumed were not-up-to-bar. The minute I heard one of them speak, I was amazed by his use of vocabulary that I had trouble using, such as insubstantially. It may not be hard for you; it was hard for me to pronounce that much for the longest time, whereas these plumbers were speaking quite eloquently. Call it discrimination, because I judge people. I am not the perfect person like you, where I judge no person wrongly, where you do not think of homeless people as problems and you think of every person as a walking batch of sunlight. I judged and judged wrong, to my benefit.

It is crazy that I could talk to this man about things that were related to politics, money, and finances. Since I am big on finances, I spoke with him on topics such as financial freedom, financial independence, and cash flow. To my surprise, this plumber was financially free faster than me! It took me six years to finally become financially free, with many problems and tribulations along the way! This man became financially free by building his own pyramid, a corporate pyramid with employees of his plumbing company where he has twenty employees!


I asked him why he even wanted to work when he was making well over $10,000/month without having to work. He just liked to feeling of working on something. He got tired of playing golf with millionaires and enjoyed working in the gutter where he started. He enjoyed the dirt that covered his clothes, because this is how it started. He could easily where thousand dollar suits and tuxedos, look bigger than his plumbers, and then cast them aside as below him. Instead, he made an effort to be like one of the plumbers, because he is just like one of them and started like them.


Because he started his company as a plumber, he is excited when he hears of plumbers who want to start their own company and decide to branch off and make their own company. I know they will succeed, so I expect more profit to be made in this company and their own companies. Like father, like son. Like mother, like daughter. I hope my buds branch off to be full blown trees.